The Mavic Pro is an interesting design by DJI. This drone and the Spark are DJI’s newest drones and as a result, have plenty of fancy features and programs for their users. These various features make the Mavic Pro one of the more diverse drones on the market for people looking to maximize a drone’s photo and video taking capabilities. Click here for the list of best camera drones of 2018.

The first thing we would like to note about the Mavic Pro is its ability to fold up to about the size of a water bottle, making it compact and easier to carry for traveling. It can be a hassle to carry the drone with its wings fully extended out in the wilderness, thus DJI looked to solve this problem.

This drone really marks a transition from hobbyist drones to professional drones for DJI.



As with most drones at this level, the Mavic Pro is fully capable of 4k/30FPS quality setting. With twenty-seven minutes of flight time, you shouldn’t worry about getting all the best angles and videos with what you have.

Lately, DJI has been implementing hands-free technology, and the Mavic Pro shares this capability with the spark. When you have the Mavic Pro focused and turned towards you, simply make a frame with your fingers and you’ll get a quick selfie. It’s pretty intuitive but if you’re still wary, don’t worry, the drone still comes with a controller.


In addition to slight voice control, the Mavic Pro has a number of systems to keep it in the air shooting for as long as possible. What’s great about the Mavic Pro is even if it’s moved beyond visual range, it has the ability to detect obstacles and slow down to avoid them. Furthermore, with the push of a button, it returns home to you.

Despite its sci-fi look, the Mavic Pro is a user-friendly drone. Its price might initially deter beginners but the combination of FPV glasses and a highly interactive controller will give you proper control over it.


The Mavic Pro is fast, which is unusual for a non-racing drone (for a list of best-racing drones, click here). With a top speed of around 40mph, it can get to where you want it to go quickly. If you’re looking to take a majority of your shots quickly, then the Mavic Pro can get the job done in no time.


At first glance, the Mavic may appear to just be a bigger Spark. However, its speed and battery life for example clearly separate it from DJI’s other drones. Don’t let those two features be the deciding factors, however. It still has the greatest camera on the market and its smart onboard features give you a wide range of options for capturing your outdoor (or indoor) adventures.

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