You may recognize the brand Garmin by their exceptional fitness trackers (Click here to see comparisons of Garmin fitness trackers). We’ll be looking at the VIRB Ultra 30 and how it shapes up to a similar competitor, the HERO5. Both action cameras are top of the line when it comes to quality, looks, stability, and reliability.

The HERO5 is the face of the current action camera industry but that shouldn’t count out the VIRB. These two cameras actually shape up pretty well when compared to one another. Both are not exactly cheap and easily replaceable, but they’ll be worth your while if they’re well kept and maintained.

That being said, let’s get into the review.


Winner: Tie

Both cameras are capable of 4k/30FPS quality settings. This is the best setting on action cameras on the market. It’s going to eat up battery more quickly than lower settings, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

The quality settings are nice, but they won’t do much good if you can’t get the perfect shots. That’s why both cameras employ similar stabilization systems to prevent the camera from shaking during a rickety ride.


Winner: HERO5

You’d think looks and style won’t factor into a purchase, but you’d be surprised how many people judge a book by its cover. The VIRB and the HERO5 are both great machines, but the HERO5 is overall a smoother and more intimate design. It’s nothing personal, but if you want to have the sweetest looking action camera in the wilderness, the HERO5 is going to show that you’re pretty serious about capturing the best sights the world has to offer.

The HERO5 doesn’t have any of the excess buttons or designs along the top or front of the camera. It’s as simple of an action camera as you can get with all the perks of being a high-quality device.


Winner: VIRB

At first, we thought the HERO5 has this category in the bag but upon further inspection, the VIRB actually surprised us. The VIRB actually has a variety of systems including GPS and performance monitoring sensors that measure speed, elevation, heart rate, and probably the most unique of all—G-Force. We imagine that the VIRB is being used by a variety of aviators from wing-suiters to fighter pilots, hence why this measurement is included.

The HERO5 has none of these features. It makes sense that Garmin, a noted GPS and fitness tracker producer, would include these features on its action camera. If you’re looking to combine photography/videography with your exercises, then the VIRB is the camera for you.

User Experience

Winner: Tie

You’ll be surprised to find that despite the various buttons on the VIRB, it’s actually voice-controlled (to a certain extent) like the HERO5. Both cameras require at least some finger contact to manage the videos on the back screen, so voice control only goes so far.

The HERO5 is going to be simpler to use due to the fact that it only has one button. That being said, both cameras try to minimalize the excessive button pushing as much as possible.


Winner: VIRB

Whoa, some camera actually beat out the HERO5? The VIRB is definitely not as well known as the HERO5, but we hope this review gave you insight as to the VIRB’s capabilities. Simply put, it’s your ultimate outdoor action camera. With other cameras, we can understand how you might be careful with them and be

Simply put, it’s your ultimate outdoor action camera. With other cameras, we can understand how you might be careful with them and be hesitant to take them into the most extreme conditions. Not the VIRB, because this little machine was built to handle mother nature in all her forms.

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