If you’re looking for a good action camera that isn’t as expensive as the GoPro HERO5 or the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30, then you’re in luck. The YI action camera is here to alleviate your worried wallet and still provide you with a quality piece of optic gear. You probably don’t hear about the YI that often because GoPro really does dominate the market.

However, the YI has certainly made a name for itself among its happy users. Why? We’ll let it speak for itself.


The YI is fully capable of 4k/30FPS quality. Let’s face it, this is the first thing that everyone looks for on any action camera these days. If you’re concerned about battery life, there are lower quality settings which won’t get you the coveted HD videos and photos but they’ll be the next best thing.

Like the more high-end action cameras, the YI employs a three-axis stabilization technique in order to keep the camera from bouncing around. Shaky videos and blurry shots will be a thing of the past with the YI and others like it. What makes the YI different is that you can get all these perks for a relatively cheap price.


With an interactive touch screen, you can edit photos and videos on the back of the camera. You won’t have to worry about the tedious nature of computer editing software when you can do pretty much what you need on the go. The camera has built in Wi-Fi to allow you to share what you’ve captured to sites like Facebook and YouTube.

The YI lacks the diverse shooting methods that make cameras like the HERO5 so popular. It’s not a huge loss that the YI doesn’t have features like slow motion because it makes up for it in having 4k quality in the first place.

Style and Design

This action camera is even smoother and less bulky than the HERO5 and the VIRB. Literally, it’s like a box with a camera lens sticking out of it. If you put it in its watertight case, not to worry. The YI fits just as nicely and overall is a pretty neat looking camera to behold.

Its touch screen also features Gorilla glass, a toughened material that will resist scratches and scrapes that are more likely to scuff the exterior of the camera.


The YI is seriously underrated and we would like to see it in the hands of more happy outdoorsmen and women. It’s got just about every spec to make it a premier action camera. Of course, 4k/30FPS shouldn’t be the only deciding factor in your decision to buy the YI.

Regardless, we know the YI is going to satisfy the customer looking to take it into the wilderness and capture all the right moments.

Post Author: wpadmin

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