When we think of action cameras, GoPro is usually the name that comes to mind first. However there a plenty of brands that produce high-quality cameras. They provide ample competition to GoPro and give you some options in terms of shooting the photos or footage you want. For an expanded list of action cameras and other photo devices on sale this Black Friday/Cyber Monday, check out Amazon’s digital deals page.

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, keep an eye out for the following cameras and brands. Chances are you’ll be able to snag sweet deals on actions cameras at a fraction of their original price. The action camera market is extremely diverse, and while GoPro’s are likely to be on sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t feel that you are limited to just them.

For out of holiday season shopping, check out our list of best action cameras. Also, browse our list of best GoPros.

Your action camera might not come with all the cool accessories to really diversify your experience. Here are listings for the most numerous and varying action camera accessories. They’re usually pretty cheap considering the amount of tools, straps, and sticks that come in the bundles.

Action Cameras Already On Sale

These brands have already put their action cameras on sale.


  • Produces an inexpensive waterproof camera with a variety of features.


  • Produces a very popular waterproof camera.


  • Not as well known of a brand as GoPro, Garmin, or Yi, but Lightdow produces a wide variety of action cameras to suit your needs. They’re relatively inexpensive given their impressive stats, they’re sure to get the job done at high-quality.

GoPro Cameras to Watch For

You’ll also find early model GoPro’s that are no longer being produced but are either still in stock or refurbished (good as new).

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