I’ve got a drone. What can I do with it?

The major difference between beginners drones and hobbyist/professional drones is the presence of a camera. Some beginner drones come with cameras but they are low quality and the battery life of the drone itself doesn’t give you much time to shoot extravagant shots. A camera drone will get you some film worthy shots, but the bulk of a heavier batter and more powerful propellers means you loose the ability to do flips and crazy stunts.

Check out the video below where Carlos “Charpu” Puertolas, one of the best drone pilots in the world, takes his own drone for a spin shows you how to pull some insane maneuvers. If you specialize in FPV flying, this video will really be a treat.



Your average camera drone is definitely not going to be this maneuverable. These features are limited to mini and racing drones, which have the small weight and airframe to handle super maneuverability. The truth is, there are a bunch of activities you can engage in with drones with or without a camera. While you’re probably going to have FAA breathing down your neck for a while, the key is to be safe and practice, practice, and practice again.

Here are some ideas that may or may not require approval from a higher power before engaging in. If you’re looking to combine a job with a drone, then it’s always good to double check with anyone directly above you to make sure it’s okay.

  • Aerial/Geological Mapping-also helpful for tracking storms, fires, and wildlife
  • Wedding Photography
  • Special Delivery!
    • Medical supplies-some drones may soon have LCD screen so paramedics can communicate directly with bystanders.
    • Food/Beverages-many companies are already experimenting with this
  • Make movies
  • Recording sports (for film practice)

Depending on what your interests are, chances are you’ll find a way to incorporate your drone’s capabilities into them. Just don’t get on the FAA’s bad side.

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