While the DJI Spark may have all the fancy features, Parrot’s Bebop 2 is a fully immersive drone for the pilot still used to the look and feel of an actual controller. While most professional and hobbyist camera drones will have their FPV cameras under their belly, the Bebop 2’s is on its nose.

We like the Bebop 2 as an all-around hobbyist drone on our list of the best camera drones of 2017. It’s not too expensive and doesn’t have too many capabilities beyond what is needed by the pilot/photographer. Nevertheless, its main weapon—the HD camera, still packs a punch.


The Bebop sports a 1080p/14MP camera that is capable of taking pictures or videos at a wide angle. You can see this for yourself if you held the drone in your hand and watched its camera move at extreme angles. The 1080 camera isn’t 4k, but it’s still high definition. You’ll be able to tell the difference between it and a mini drone whose highest setting might be 720p.

When using the remote control, you can use the Cockpitglasses to see through the eye of the Bebop 2. This fully immersive experience will provide you with an up close look at whatever you’re looking to take a picture of. If you’re looking to get the best shots possible, using the Cockpitglasses is going to be the ideal solution.


The “Follow-me” feature that is not unique to the Bebop 2 is one of its best features. If you’re hiking or climbing, the Bebop 2 will simply follow you. That way you can put away the controller and get back to enjoying the world around you. The one downside is that you will have to purchase it from Freeflight Pro App—the app built for Parrot Drones.


With a flight time of nearly 25 minutes, the Bebop 2 is better than most mini-drones that compare with it. While you might be keeping smaller drones closer to home. The Bebop 2 is just the right size to take with you into the outdoors. Sure, 25 minutes is probably not going to be the duration of your entire trip, but you don’t have to fly it all in one sitting.

The Bebop 2 has an astounding maximum range of about 1.25 miles, which doesn’t seem like much until you actually test that distance.


If you’re not looking for all the flashy systems that come on drones like the Spark, then the Bebop 2 is the next best thing. It’s by no means a mini-drone which is why it is ideal for indoor and outdoor activity.

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